welcome to The Dominican Republic Relief Organization

Mission Statement
Our mission is to help the impoverished people residing in the Dominican Republic by, providing healthcare, education, housing, vocational training, clean water, food, clothing, and other necessities of life. Residents would also be trained in productive vocations such as construction, farming, education, administration, water management, and sanitation. Our ultimate goal is to help develop healthy, educated, self-sustaining communities.
We came, we saw, we give.
Michael Kambourakis—founder

Helping the Haitians and Dominicans

We serve those that need us the most.

Before and especially after the 2010 Haitian Earthquake, impoverished Haitians migrated East into the Dominican for a better life. What they found were impoverished conditions where they now live with impoverished Dominicans in areas called "Bateys." There are so many Bateys, they do not have names, they have numbers. Too often we focus on the needs of Haitians in Haiti. But there are thousands more who live in these forgotten and ignored Bateys.

The future’s what we make of it.

The Medical Clinic

In a partnership with L.I.G. Global, we have purchased the land and are raising money for a clinic near the Bateys about 35 km from Haiti. This clinic will host visiting Drs., Students and nurses as they tend to the needs of the impoverished Haitians and Dominicans.

Inoculations for children don't exist but Polio, AIDS, Cholera, and many other diseases do exist.

Phase one of the clinic will be inoculations, minor injury care, general healthcare. Phase two will include surgery.