When we deliver notebooks, pencils, and crayons, the children beam with excitment. Donations like this are something we continually need. Notebook producers, individuals, schools, this is a project for you.

Education–The Need

Without education there is no possibility for a community to be self-sustaining. The community will continue to have disease and death. Education helps people feel self-worth. They have value. Children learn how to read, they learn about hygiene, they learn about the world around them. Adults learn to farm, they learn to take care of their children so there is a future in their lives. Without education, there is little hope for anyone.

Education–What we Do

Building schools, supplying books, supporting communities.It all starts with curiosity by the children. We bring notebooks, pencils, and pens. We build small schools and add bathrooms, a generator and a battery because electricity is unreliable. We give the children clothing, desks and a blackboard. We give the teacher the tools he or she needs to be a teacher. We even, with the help of major donations, supply laptops were they are feasible.

Education–The Result

Escuela Basica School-Village of Batey Amina—Delivered 10,000 2-subject notebooks, 6,000 pencils, and 18 notebook computers to the school for students who have little, if any, educational supplies or equipment.

The children and adults are learning and are enthusiastic and excited about their opportunities. When we bring education to a community, we bring hope. There is a cost to ship education supplies, but it costs nothing to ship hope.

Please support education. Please support the future.