Health and Hygiene


After the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, we delivered nearly 80 tons of food, clothing and medical supplies to remote villages in Haiti and on the Dominican/Haiti border. Although news was telling us baby formula was not needed, we found that the need was great.

Healthcare–The Need

Healthcare would be a luxury if it was available at all.The people of these remote villages and Bateys do not have healthcare. We are working on building a health clinic, but when it comes to daily healthcare. There is also a need. Dental hygiene—non existent, personal hygiene, again, non-existent. Disease, decay, pain, the inability to see or hear. These are problems that today, should be easily addressed.

There are groups that do get into these areas to help. And to them, we say thank you! But the need is great. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, eyeglasses, vitamins, wheelchairs, crutches and hygiene kits.

Without daily healthcare, there is little future.

Healthcare–What we do

We bring healthcare to the impoverished The Dominican Republic Relief Organization delivers to remote areas. And if you request it, we photograph your donation being delivered. We educate children on proper hygiene, we receive hygiene kits from donors, ship them through the Dominican Republic, and we distribute them to the impoverished. We treat all dontations this way. They are shipped, we deliver. Donations like wheelchairs and crutches, eyeglasses, baby formula, cloth diapers and wipes, toothbrushes,10,000 tubes of tooth paste and floss. 1,000's of packs of multi-vitamins, aspirin, first-aid kits and antibiotics. All through donations from schools, corporations and individuals.

What was a dream becomes a reality with your support.

Healthcare–The Result

Multiple Communities- Linea Noroeste Region—Oral disease is controlled, malnutrition has been addressed, and the simple comforts of living become available when someone stricken with Polio now has a wheelchair. Or someone who could not walk now has crutches. To see a woman put on glasses and smile because she can now see or to fit a child with a hearing aid and hear their mother for the first time, is an incredible experience.