Farmland Irrigation


When water is delivered to areas formerly arid, agriculture can happen. These women are washing plantain. The waste water is then released back into the fields.

Farmland irrigation–The Need

You might believe that this island region would be plush with vegetation. In fact, most of it is arid and the chance to grow crops is limited or non-existent. Growing crops would make the people more self-sustaining and it would give them product to sell for other goods.

Farmland irrigation–What we Did

The Dominican Republic Relief Organization installed a pumping system that brings water up from a river and into a cistern. The water is then brought to the fields through PVC pipe provided by the Dominican Relief Organization-the pipe was installed by local residents. The water is then used sparingly but productively in the fields. We also provided filters to villagers for their homes.

Farmland irrigation–The Result

Batey Amina Community- Linea Noroeste Region—Transformed arid land into fertile farmland for 500 families (2,000 people) which offered them the ability to grow, consume, and sell crops for personal income.