Clean water and Sanitation


Before we arrived, the stench over open sewerage at this school was overwhelming. We dug proper pits, added gravity fed water, and a sink for hygiene.

Clean Water and Sanitation–The Need

Typhoid, Cholera, Disentary, Dehydration, intestinal disease– Have you had your clean water today? Unfortunately, for thousands of Haitians and Dominicans. Clean water is uncommon. What is common is disease caused by poor quality water, poor sanitation, and minimal personal hygiene.

When it comes to clean water, water is gathered as it lays, where it is found like in a pond, or in the closest river. Water found in unsanitary areas after a rain has bacteria, but this is considered clean. Water that comes from ponds also can carry animal feces from cows that use the same water or contaminate the water through runoff. But of course there's a river. A river has to be better, right? Unfortunately, the closest river also means the closest sewer disposal for these people and the people upstream. In the same river, people swim, wash, drink, and dump waste.

So people get what buckets they can and bring the water back to their dwelling for cooking, drinking, and washing.

With the extreme poverty and non-existant healthcare, personal hygiene is nearly non-existant. Washing your hands after you wipe yourself? A quick rinse...maybe. But what if we could give them filters? What if we could help with sanitation? What if we could educate children on hygiene? And what if once we got there, the filters and Sanitation were made so they could be self-sustaning?

Clean water, Sanitation, education, health—without these, there is no hope.

Clean Water and Sanitation–What we Do

Water filters, education, bathrooms at schools. We purchased all the materials and built 14 individual cinder block bathrooms (7 boys and 7 girls), complete with working toilets and sinks with running water at schools. We supplied water filters for schools and we have distributed chlorine tablets for water if filters are not available and we have begun educating children on personal hygiene. And with the help of local residents, we instaled water cisterns between homes and filters in homes.

When there is clean water, the spirits are lifted and the people are healthier

Clean Water and Sanitation–The Result

La Canella Community- Linea Noroeste Region—Girls have the privacy they need to continue going to school. residents in these remote areas now have more access to clean water. Disease is still present but it is not spiking after storms like it used to.