Types of projects we bring to the Dominican and Haiti


Health Center

When there is nothing, something is everything. People die or never seek treatment without healthcare.

A clinic for basic needs, minor surgery, nutritional education. Hope is as endless as the possibilities of a local healthcare facility for the impoverished.


Water & Sanitation

A river for sewerage and drinking water. Typhoid, cholera, malnutrition, and polio—more common than you think.

Water and sanitation are the foundation of health and nutrition. When you fund water filters or toilets, you will positively impact many lives.



No hearing aids, eyeglasses. No way to fight infection. No toothpaste, combs, or soap. That's the reality of it for people in the Bateys and villages.

A hearing mission. A heart surgery mission for children. Basic inexpensive healtcare supplies. Food and supplies. Healthcare projects are invaluable.



We visit Bateys and villages to distribute clothing. When we arrive,tattered, half-dressed, and even nude men, women and children are common.

Clean lighly used clothing donations not only help people work and interact, they lift the human spirit. This project is very rewarding—for all of us.



Once arid land becomes fertile farmland. Area villagers can now work, harvest, sell or eat the fruits of their labor.

Start with a diesel pump, employ the residents to build and maintain a water system, deliver water to homes for use and storage and farms to grow food.



Imagine a place where parents hope to educate their children. But when the children get to school, they have no books or pencils.

DRRO helps foster an environment for education and we supply notebooks, pens and pencils, chairs and desks.