Building a Health Center


Centro Médico de Montesino
We have the land, we have the project list, we have the concept, we have a team of Doctors excited about the project. We now need to fund it!

The Health Center–The Need

A Batey is where impoverished conditions flourish, healthcare is non-existent, disease is the norm, and sanitation is deplorable. But this is where these people must live. At least they have community. There are so many Bateys, they don't have names, they have numbers. Without the help of groups like ours, there is no hope and the Bateys will only continue to grow.

There have been no inoculations in the last 12 years in Southern Dominica near the Haiti border.

With such a monumental problem, what can any group do? Well, we can start somewhere. We can start a path that helps others to follow and we can begin now because children and adults are dying now. Life just does not have the same value in some parts of the world, let’s change that.

The Health Center–What we are doing

At an estimated cost of $550,000 (US), phase one of the medical clinic will sit on 2.5 acres of land and will be approximately 35km from the Haitian border in the Dominican. It will serve the impoverished people. Phase one will make the main structure of the building. Once the building is finished, Drs. from all over the world and students from the Medical School of Santiago will assist with inoculations to address cholera, dysentery, typhoid, give polio injections and other prenatal care..

There will be sleeping quarters and showers for the Drs. and volunteers so they can stay for several days at a time. The clinic will send a signal of hope worldwide that will attract donors, Drs., students, and volunteers.

We have already partnered with L.I.G. Global, we have donors who have pledged equipment and supplies, and we have enthusiastic Drs. and volunteers ready to begin working.

The second phase will address secondary care. Power backed up by solar panels and batteries, the sick, and especially children will be cared for as the facility grows in size and equipment is funded and purchased. X-ray equipment to repair broken limbs, wheelchairs and crutches for those in need. Possibly physical therapy.

The third phase will be surgical and post-op care.Diabetes care, light surgery. Budget needs will be addressed and planed in phase two. There will be areas on the property for post-op and specialty short-term care...

The entire project is not a dream, it has started. We need volunteers, donations, financial support and grants. Without your help, people will continue to die needlessly and we will not have built a healthy community and a benchmark for others to follow.