The Dominican Dominican Republic Relief Organization

A not-for-profit serving the impoverished Haitian and Dominican peoples living in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic Relief Organization Service Area

It's all about what we do and what why we do it.
There are no paid positions on the Dominican Republic Relief Organization Executive board or Board of Electives and Advisory Chairs. This reduces necessary administrative costs making your donations go that much further toward producing our many humanitarian projects.

Executive Board
Michael Kambourakis, Founder and President
Kevin J. Hersh, Vice President
Jennifer Hawley, Director
Lawrence Wefferling, CPA, Treasurer
Jonathan Smith, Secretary
Rita Rovazzi, Communications

Board of Electives and Advisory Chairs
Jonathan Barrett
Gerardo D’Emilio
Monte Ehrenkranz
Tony Kazoun
Jerry Smith
Jon Wohlgemuth
Dianne Woitkowski

Medical Advisors
Donato Colavita, M.D.
David H. Gurian, A.U.D.
L.I.G. Global Foundation
Ernani Sadural, M.D.
Raj Sharma, M.D.
Leon G. Smith, M.D.
The Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation, Inc.